About Treowen Estate

Our grove is based in the Parish of Barkly nestled in the Pyrenees Ranges foothills, Victoria Australia. 

We supply premium hand-picked, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives and Rosemary to both local and international markets.

The Olive Grove consists of approximately 1300 trees over 20 acres on the northern half of the property. Approximately 15 acres of olive trees for oil production. Approximately 5 acres of olive trees for table fruit and test trees. Over 250 trees have been planted as windbreaks, shade trees for dams and erosion control.

Varieties Include:

Azapa, Correggiola, Frantoio, Helena, Jumbo Kalamata, Kalamata, Koroneiki, Leccino, Manzanillo, Tiny Oil Kalamata, UC13A6.

Correggiola Olive tree
Correggiola Olive tree

These Trees were purchased from Australis Plants (formally known as “Olives Australia”). DNA matching the Frantoio & Correggiola of Tuscany and Italy had been confirmed by Olives Australia at time of purchase. Whilst Correggiola and Frantoio are from the same varietal population (family) there are some genetic differences. To read more on this topic please visit Australis Plants Olive page HERE.

Barkly has presented itself with premium growing conditions for olives, with an elevation of 270 m (886 ft) and extreme climatic changes from blistering temperatures +40°C in summer down to a chilling sub-zero avg. of -4°C in winter.


Chill factor being an important requirement for the fruit-set
Heat being important for olive trees in general, due to their countries of origin.

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